Blog love for Icarus Himself

Music Discovery alums Icarus Himself are featured on one of our favorite MP3 blogs, Said the Gramophone. If you’re not familiar with Said the Gramophone, you should be. It’s one of the first MP3 blogs, but far from a traditional MP3 blog — rather than reviews they usually write stories that are kind of emotionally tied to the songs. This story is about a floating head babysitter:

Arnold and Tommy were brothers and their babysitter was a floating head. Arnold was 6 and Tommy was 4, they had talked about getting married, they only talked of that in whispers, and their babysitter was a floating head. They shared reused gum, they had a shared collection of homemade kiln-fired figurines that looked like beige blobs with arms, and their babysitter was a floating head.

Read the rest here, and pick up Icarus Himself’s brand new album Career Culture right here at CD Baby.

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